Areas of collaboration

The Titan non-profit organization generally responds to four types of solicitations:

1. Digital and semantic technologies 

Over time we have written glossaries and training tools to explain the arduous relationship between digital technologies and information science:

  • How to distinguish a datum (the representation), an information (its meaning), a metadata?
  • What does "communication" mean (the exchange of meaning)?
  • how to distinguish between "Man - Machine" interactions?
  • how to represent knowledge? For the human? For the machine?
  • why is analog the founder?
  • What are the modeling technologies?
  • how to distinguish an analog coding from a digital one?
  • Interoperability between heterogeneous digital universes!
  • open source vs. open data?
  • the AI for whom and why?

All this helps to explain why Google is not a "fatality", while Facebook looks like a "calamity"!

2. Help writing/ strewing research projects

In the framework of CelticPlus projects, the non-profit organization coordinated the dissemination of the results of European projects such as MediaMap and MediaMap+.

3. ​​Collaboration with UNESCO

The expertise generated within Titan NPO has aroused the interest of the Belgian UNESCO Commission! Through its experts, the association collaborates with the Memory of the World Committee in Belgium, the Belgian French-speaking and German-speaking Memory of the World Committee and the Francophone and German-speaking Subcommittee on Communication and Information for UNESCO!

In this context we have contributed:

  • the revision of the "Memory of the World" program
  • Works on the Universality of the Internet
  • Work on setting up OER (Open Educational Resources)

For the needs of UNESCO, we are currently working to finalize a computer cosmogony called AXIS-OK (Organizing Knowledge) to manage the export of semantically structured data between heterogeneous universes ... in short how to manage the relations between objects of the real world, their representations and meanings ...

4. AXIS-CSRM :the foundation works of an Upper Ontology 

Since 2008 we have been working on an "upper ontology" allowing the implementation of the ISO OAIS standard to contribute to a long-term digital archiving. The project bears the acronym: AXIS-CSRM (Autonomous eXchange of packages for Interoperable Systems - Conceptual Semantic Data Reference Model). It is a collaborative framework based on Classes and Properties that respond more precisely to the needs of users. The specification also allows the reconciliation and semantic migration, and especially incoherent, of existing metadata databases.

Our different contributions lie at the edge of information science and its "strenuous" relationships with digital technologies! The goal is to develop an open and sustainable computing service for individuals and companies.


Thank you for your good attention and pleasure to help you in your projects!