Current projects

AXIS (Asset eXchange packages for Interoperable Systems)

For a long time, a perennial archiving combined with the Information Technologies was deemed unfeasible. Today, with the advances in technology and with the adoption of new strategies, reliable solutions become possible. This now allows the creation of perennial archives that can be exploited and enriched in a flexible and easy way. Through automation and an evolutionary IT maintenance, the perpetuity of the archiving could then be assured for centuries!

To achieve long-term accessibility viability, SIP, AIP, and DIP architectures can be organized as autonomous entities: Autonomous Assets Entities (AAE). The work aims to define the necessary theoretical foundations: metadata, configurator, ontological and semantic indexing, controls, synchronizations, physical support / data, proxies, etc.

The organization of the management of media content according to the SIP - AIP - DIP architecture and the profiles, the foundation of the creation of these autonomous entities (AAE), offers a great flexibility in the means of distribution and brings sustainability to the archives.

AXIS (Asset eXchange Interactive System) is a dynamic of the non-profit organization TITAN, based on the OAIS approach and aiming to define and promote:

• An open realistic architecture

• A definition of the implementation of this Architecture

• A commercial offer supporting this dynamic

The intention of TITAN is to provide the architectural and technical specifications of AXIS as well as the source code of the associated SDK as soon as this information has been consolidated and validated by the projects in progress. This provision will be made on the basis of an open license contract (GNU type or equivalent) defining the modalities for the free use of this information and this code.

Ongoing projects

The association TITAN is involved in various projects with partners :

  1. The draft framework AXIS TITAN (implemented through its members))
  2. The project RIMES: Rushes Indexing Multimedia eXchange System, in collaboration with Skema, Panasonic, RTBF, etc..
  3. The project AIDAR: Addressing & Indexing Documents Multimedia Aided Technologies Speech Recognition in collaboration with Voice-Insight and the University of Brussels (ULB).