European Media Wrapper Round Table I

EMWRT I (Brussels 2006)

In 2006, the non-profit association TITAN decided to organize a first Round Table to study and develop a strategic vision for the exchange of "Semantic Media Assets" between different independent and heterogeneous computer systems. This initiative follows a similar project initiated by the LoC (US Library of Congress).

On October 18th, the non-profit association Titan opens the ball of different "Round-table" on the issue of the exchange of multimedia assets according to open and standardized formats (in line with the OAIS and one of the axes of a project as MEMORIES). These are complex matters and the menu offered to the various experts will prove to be quite indigestible:

  • Occultation of the ISO OAIS standard in the field of broadcasting?

  • The state of the art: AAF, MXF, METS?

  • Which wrapper for the acquisition phase?

  • Towards a standardized "wrapper"?

  • Need a European Round Table as a consultation tool?

  • An initiative of the EBU?

  • Contact with the similar initiative of the "Library of Congress" in the USA?

This approach is also part of the intention expressed by some countries to organize the "legal deposit" of works other than books.


Titan with the contribution of TV5, UTC Compiègne, the MEMORIES project (Memnon) and MediaNet Vlaanderen