The non-profit organization Titan (Televisual Interactive Terminal and Associated Networks) was founded in 1994 by Belgian partners from various sectors (industry, broadcast, cable networks, universities, telecommunication, services and public authorities) in order to contribute “to the study and the developments of digital AV programs and services”.

From 1994 to 1998, the association constituted a Laboratory that undertook between the design of a multi-standards set-top-box, an open access control system, and the experimentation of MPEG2 coding, the fiber transmission and insertion in cable networks (64 QAM modulation.) The Laboratory shut down after the first wave of digital industrialization.)

The Forum (Think tank of the association) kept contributing actively to the promotion of a global digital information management in reference to international standards in order to suggest solutions of structuring information, tracking of projects (description of process) and interoperability between heterogeneous systems (Ontologies and application tools.)