HD Days

HD Days ( Namur 2007)

In order to investigate all these new technologies and to verify if we will indeed be able to keep our digital promises, the association Titan invited you to a day in High Definition in Beez on May 24th, 2007.

In the many Utopias that we have generated and contributed to accreditation within the Titan NPO, there is one that is particularly close to our heart. We have always proclaimed that digital technologies should ultimately enable us to communicate better, more and interactively. Obviously, the « better » is always on the agenda.

Sursum corda: Here comes the high definition digital and its procession of flowers ... Glory Glory Alleluia, the digital should finally keep all its promises.

On the menu: small dishes simmered with love on the different standards and HD production standards, the presence of manufacturers coming to expose the acquisition and post-production tools developed on the basis of these standards and standards. With all this, a zest of 5.1 for the atmosphere and benchmarking to have a correct idea of what is done in the surrounding countries but also distant.