European Media Wrapper Round Table IX

EMWRT IX: Semantic: the Global Marketplace (2013)

The ninth Round Table will be held on September 13 in Amsterdam as part of the IBC 2013. The poster of the invitation is signed again by Frédéric Maillot (Perfect Memory). The program is split into two parts:

10:00 - 12:30: a presentation by Guy Maréchal of the concepts of AXIS-CRM (Autonomous eXchange packages for Interoperable Systems -Conceptual Reference Model). It is a formulation of a set of Upper Ontology concepts that facilitate interoperability and how to connect multiple domain ontologies. This initiative defines an open, flexible and interoperable pivot format, suitable for the construction of persistent archives, enabling 360-degree publishing, which facilitates an efficient exchange between independent systems or databases, the migration of flat systems "to" semantic "systems or" semantic systems "built with different ontologies / taxonomies and to amplify aggregation portals.

Titan asbl intends to publish the final version AXIS-CRM on the UNESCO website (Memory of the World) in spring 2014.

14:00 - 17:00: a presentation of semantic applications based on the results of the Celtic MediaMap + project or partner initiatives in audiovisual production and research:

  • Semantic link between an event and the information management system of the audio-visual world
  • tools to bridge the semantic gap,
  • how to integrate EBUCore metadata into MXF
  • an approach to integrating FIMS-based hardware and software components.

A nice participation: UTC Compiègne, Fraunhofer, etc...


Titan, the MediaMap+ project, MediaNet Vlaanderen and Cluster TWIST.