ACF 2007

ACF 2007 : JPEG 2K, simply the best?

Titan is organizing this conference as part of the ACF (Audiovisual Creative Fair) on November 12th. The question mark of the title was of real importance!

JPEG 2000 or JPEG2K is an ISO standard for compressing video designed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Introduced in 2000, JPEG 2000 uses wavelet compression and provides greater compression ratios than DCT (the discrete cosine transform used in regular JPEG, the photographic standard). The format also requires more processing power to decode the images. JPEG 2000 supports both lossy and lossless modes, and it is noted for its "visually lossless" appearance.

Smart Decoding: a significant feature of JPEG 2000 is that images can be decoded into different resolutions, allowing, for example, a viewer to quickly render a low-resolution image from a gigantic wrapper that would otherwise take considerably longer. Smart decoding enables the same image wrapper to serve multiple uses.

JPEG 2000 is the standard for the d-cinema format for digital movie theaters.


Titan with the contribution of MediaNet Vlaanderen and the CFB.