ABC Ontology

The Harmony Project is an international digital library project funded by DSTC (Australia), JISC (U.K.), and the NSF (U.S.). The broad goal of the project is to research methods and models for describing the variety of rich content that increasingly populates the Web and digital libraries.


The Harmony project has similar intentions as those of the AXIS-CSRM project: it intends to provide a common conceptual model to facilitate interoperability between metadata vocabularies from different domains. A conceptual model organizes the interoperability, then constructs it through a concrete semantic representation of the model. The intention is to cover not only the static objects but also the dynamic objects as targets.The ability to model change makes ABC appropriate for describing a wide variety of entities and the relationships between them. In particular, it has been designed to model physical, digital and analogue objects held in libraries, archives, and museums and on the Internet. This includes objects of all media types – text, image, video, audio, web-pages, and multimedia. It can also be used to model abstract concepts such as intellectual content and temporal entities such as performances or lifecycle events that happen to an object. In addition the model can be used to describe other fundamental entities that occur across many domains such as: agents (people, organizations … instruments), places and times.

The data model of AXIS-CRSM is been largely inspired by the organization of the Entities in the ABC ontology, i.e. temporality, actuality and abstraction.

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